Simple, evidence-based, non-awkward recommendations for event leaders who want to go beyond "cosmetic diversity" to make their large events, critical meetings, and conferences not only diverse in numbers, but welcoming in tone. 


For 30 years combined, we have been helping some of the most interesting and innovative companies and organizations - from food justice to big tech, universities to the arts - produce large events that are as diverse as the world we live and work in.


This guide is for those of you who agree that nearly-all-white events and #manels (panels with all men) are neither innovative nor forward-facing. And you want to help your organization/event make a positive change.


For the first time, we're sharing our method - outside of the scope of a client engagement - to help more of you improve your most important events.


Our guidance will help you go beyond increasing your numbers (aka "cosmetic diversity") to create a truly inclusive experience, where all of your attendees feel they belong. Our goal is also to advise you on creating a fair event, so that your event treats (and pays) under-represented and majority groups equitably.

How to [really] diversify your large event: What to do before, during, and after