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The American Association of Corporate Gender Strategists

AACGS was founded in 2018 to advance women

and all marginalized genders  and orientations in the American workplace.

Evolve your workplace.

Get involved.

Online Conference

Participate in

The flagship 7-month program by the 

American Association of Corporate Gender Strategists


Office Meeting

Sick of being the only one
noticing bias + culture issues?

Business Meeting
Virtual Team Meeting

This is the only program where you engage directly with researchers, diversity + inclusion consultants,
and peer professionals

who have implemented
successful gender/inclusion programs
(and lived to tell about it).

This is for all of us who

"care too much."

If you have been pushing for gender, race, or other types of inclusion, chances are you've felt isolated, uncertain, and/or worn out.

You are not alone. In my 9-5 days, I was "that person". Today, I see all of the above (and more) in my tech clients and fellow inclusion practitioners. 

I believe that together, armed with evidence-based solutions on what works, we can end (all) bias in the workplace. For good. 

Let's do this.


Executive Director, American Association of Corporate/Gender Strategists

+ "Silicon Valley's Gender/Inclusion Advisor"

The Board:


Angie Carrillo R.
Entrepreneur, Content Creator & Impact Investor in Female Owned Companies 


Helena Curtis
Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), Talent/ 
Culture Leader, USC


Jessica N.Grounds
Co-Founder, Mine the Gap; CEO, Corporate Directors Forum


Lisa Jiménez
CEO and Founder, OLAS:
Equity Strategists; Executive Co
ach; Chief Guide

Tired of the same old approaches
that don't change anything?

(ex. mentoring circles, "inspiring talks"...)

The program:

6 live expert-led workshops

Build your confidence with evidence-based, leading edge solutions.

Expand your thinking on what's possible in live (zoom) sessions with heavy-hitting, outside-the-box gender/racial justice experts.


Diverse. Experienced. Intimate conversations that push.

4 "office hours" coaching sessions

Gain new tactics from diverse, skilled practitioners.

Share the roadblocks you are encountering and hear what worked for others in similar companies or situations.

Together in our various companies - ushering in change,

we are a movement.

Lifetime access to research briefings

Stay current as the world and industry changes.

Receive 4 updates on the latest research and thinking on bias and inclusion. Stay grounded in the best practices in equitable workplaces. 


(Keep current on what doesn't actually work).


Is this for me?

  • All genders. All pronouns (or none).

  • All job categories - from leaders who are often "the only one in the room" to rising stars who are passionate advocates. Our mix helps us consider these complex issues from many angles.

  • People who want to stay cutting-edge. You've been advocating for inclusion for a while and want to keep growing - in a non-judgemental forum.

  • You don't have to be a consultant. (But you can be.) If you're "that person" known for pushing gender+ inclusion in companies, this is for you. 

A group of women at a business meeting

Product lead

“This was always such lonely work before. I was always the only one bringing this stuff up. I can't tell you how satisfying it is to have a crew of smart feminists backing me up!"

Freelance consultant

"Game-changer. My confidence grew once I had the program backing me up. Now I say "I learned the best practice for this is X."

Software developer

"Now I have no problems bringing up inclusion of all kinds. I feel I'm one of many on a mission to change my industry for the better."

The world needs us now. We don't have time to waste...

...on approaches that don't (actually) make things better (like women's leadership seminars - when the problem is bias). 

...on approaches that only focus on gender at the expense of race, orientation, and other critical (intersectional) identities,

...on waiting for people's "hearts and minds" to change (it's time for structural change and clear accountability).

Dot Pattern
ambreen-hasan-346960 (1).jpg

who know their company could be better on inclusion.

Heads of affinity groups. HR/People/Talent. People passionate about gender and all kinds of DEI. Managers."Onlys" on teams.

who know that "bias trainings" will never be enough

We come together to restore our faith in this work and to deepen our understanding of what works to end gender bias and other "isms" in the workplace and the world.

Plus Size Model
Office Corridor

Stay in the loop re: future cohorts.

You're in.

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